Be Mindful Project

A FREE programme designed to support Mental Wellbeing, including workshop classes and counselling support sessions with a trained EDAS Wellbeing Therapist. After completion, achieve an accredited Level 2 Understanding Mental Wellbeing Award.

Be Mindful provides mental health education, tools and skills to improve mental wellbeing, and counselling support, in a safe environment, to empower individuals and increase their self-confidence to lead a healthier, more inclusive lifestyle.

The programme is divided into three workshops that will take place over three weeks, and four optional weekly private counselling sessions.

Upcoming Dates

4-weeks running on Mondays 10am to 12pm at Serenitea Café

  • 29th January to 19th February 2024

Level 2 Award in Understanding Mental Wellbeing

The Level 2 Award in Understanding Mental Wellbeing provides participants with a knowledge and understanding of the principles of mental wellbeing, the effect of mental wellbeing on the individual and the community, and how to improve and maintain their own mental wellbeing.

This workshop-based course offers an understanding of attitudes and beliefs about mental health and wellbeing. It will enable learners to explore models used to describe mental health and wellbeing and the strategies that may be used to promote wellbeing.

Course workshops take place in a span of four weeks.

The course is fully accredited by RSPH.

Counselling Support Sessions

As part of Be Mindful, in addition to attending three course workshops on Mental Wellbeing, you will also have access to four weekly one-on-one counselling sessions with one of our trained EDAS Wellbeing Therapists. The sessions will be held at a date and time of your choice which you will arrange personally with your EDAS therapist, face-to-face or via video call.

Counselling sessions are private and confidential. Learn more about our private counselling sessions.

Programme Aims

Be Mindful will help you:

  • Gain empowerment and self-confidence
  • Learn concepts and strategies to recognise stressors and anxiety triggers and skills to reduce these
  • Take the first transitioning steps to volunteering, education and employment.
  • Increase your awareness of mental wellbeing for both individuals and the community
  • Improve your own mental wellbeing
  • Prepare for readiness in further education

Who Can Apply?

Be Mindful is open to adults aged 18 or over who are claiming Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) or who are economically inactive, and living in the BCP and Dorset areas.

Progression Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Level 2 Award in Understanding Mental Wellbeing Award, participants will have the opportunity to undertake further study by completing the Level 2 Mentoring accreditation at our Learning Centre.

How Will The Course Be Assessed?

Participants will sit an online e-assessment to achieve an RSPH accredited Level 2 Award in Understanding Mental Wellbeing.


Workshop classes will be delivered at Serenitea Café:

50-52 Ashley Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 9BN

Mondays 10am - 12pm


This programme is free of charge.

How to Apply

To apply please call us on 01202 612892 or email

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