Tips to Soothe Anxiety

Date Added: 25/08/2022



Worry, stress, and anxiety can trigger physical and mental health problems, but there are things we can do to overcome the negative feelings that come from anxiety.

  • Here are some tips to help soothe anxiety:
  • Try doing Yoga or some meditation. Stretching and breathing exercises can also help.
  • Drink a glass of cold water. This can help calm the nervous system and the body.
  • Try Aromatherapy, lavender scent is especially calming.
  • Focus on the moment and try mindfulness. Paying attention to daily life and the things we typically rush through can give the mind a break and help reduce stress.
  • Get some sleep, try taking a nap. And make sure to get enough sleep every night.
  • Listen to a calming playlist or your favourite music to help you clear your mind and wind down.

It is also helpful to limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Stimulants found in coffee, tea, alcohol, and energy drinks, can increase levels of anxiety and depression.

Why not try a relaxation technique today to cultivate a peaceful moment, regardless of how busy your schedule is?

  • Place a hand on your tummy or your chest and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Close your eyes for a moment and visualise yourself in a peaceful setting.
  • Focus on something such as sound, relaxing imagery, or your breath to increase awareness of the present moment.
  • Try progressive muscle relaxation where you progressively tense and relax your muscles one at a time from head to toe.

You can try these anywhere, as long as it's safe. Sitting down, lying down, or even while sitting on your desk at work.

If you feel you need support with feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety, you can meet one of our counsellors face-to-face or online. Visit this page to learn more or call us on 01202 735777.

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