Providing Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) as an aid to treating tobacco dependence in people who want to stop smoking, with the help and support of QuitDAS Smoking Cessation Practitioners working within the EDAS Better Together Healthy Lifestyle Service.

Want to quit smoking?

If you’re not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I dislike about smoking?
  • What do I miss out on when I smoke?
  • How is smoking affecting my health?
  • What will happen to me and my family if I keep smoking?
  • How will my life get better when I quit?

Once you know your reasons for quitting, remind yourself of them every day. It can inspire you to stop smoking for good.

QuitDAS can help you!

We understand that you will experience a range of withdrawal symptoms if deprived of nicotine and this often acts as a barrier when you decide that you wish to stop smoking. So, alongside the dispensing of free Nicotine Replacement products (NRT), such as patches, lozenges, mouth spray, gum or inhalators, you will be assigned a QuitDAS Practitioner who will support you in a 1:1 or group setting.

QuitDAS is tailored to your specific needs

By dispensing NRT at a time when you are motivated to quit, our trained QuitDAS Practitioners will be able to seize the window of opportunity to support your high level of motivation and allow the absorption of the nicotine that you crave to be as instant as possible without the use of tobacco.

EDAS will follow NICE guidance and, with a comprehensive screening assessment and monitoring service being supported by qualified QuitDAS Advisors, we can be assured that the correct NRT product is dispensed and effects monitored to allow a coping behaviour that supports you in a staged quit – giving you breathing space to deal with your smoking behaviours and beliefs.

QuitDAS will help you get healthier

Although not mandatory, but to promote maximum success, you may like to undertake the FitDAS 10-week Healthy Lifestyle course alongside your NRT and participate in weekly healthy lifestyle workshops, group exercise and the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications in Level 1 & Level 2 Healthy Living Awards.


All elements of the QuitDAS project will be delivered free of charge to EDAS clients, making it a no cost healthy option to making positive changes that will change your life forever.

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